PDF to WebP Converter

Transform a PDF into several images using our free PDF-to-WebP converter! Simply upload a ten-page PDF, and it will be transformed into ten individual images, ready to be uploaded or added to a website.

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WebP Images

WebP is a type of image file created by Google as an alternative to other popular formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF. WebP supports features like animations, transparency, and lossless compression, and is smaller in size compared to other formats. However, it is still a newer format, which limits its support and it cannot be uploaded on some platforms such as Instagram.

PDF to WebP Conversion

If you want to put a single page of a PDF on a website, converting it to WebP is the best solution. This way, visitors will see the page as a fast-loading image, without having to download the entire PDF. You can easily do this using our free online tool. Simply upload your PDF, and our server will convert each page into a separate WebP image. For example, a 10-page PDF will turn into 10 WebP images. You can then download these images and upload them to any website that accepts WebP uploads.